Educate, inform and maximise sales to YOUR clients from ONE Australian property seminar.

Are you a developer, agent or broker marketing Australian properties in Asia?

Michael Bentley's PROVEN and TESTED seminars inform, educate and give YOUR clients the knowledge, information and CONFIDENCE to purchase in Australia. 

"Loved your seminars and the approach you take and the delivery is as good as I have experienced"

Bryce Carroll, Global Property Brokers, Melbourne

Many developers and sales agents try to give Australian property seminars themselves when in Asia.

Unfortunately, WHY most of them fail SO badly is that they do not give the CLIENTS (your potential buyers) any of the information, or knowledge to FULLY INFORM THEM, so they can make an educated investment decision, BASED ON FACTS not hyperbole. 

Most present a poorly researched, outdated, biased talk that actually does more HARM than good.  Michael Bentley, one of the most longest, most experienced and informed EXPERTS on Australian property in Asia, and AUTHOR of several top selling books, understands Asian buyers like no other, and presents a personalised, powerful presentation.

Get Michael to present an Australian property seminar to your clients and see the enormous difference to your bottom line.

"I am writing to let you know both myself and my wife were very impressed with, and greatly enjoyed, your impressive seminar yesterday" 


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