“You need to be able to give your clients ALL the knowledge and informed information so they have confidence to make a purchase decision straight away. It's not easy to do that. You provide the clients, and my presentation will educate, inform and convince buyers"
    Michael Bentley


For decades Michael Bentley has studied, researched and learnt all aspects of the Australian property market. 

Very few people have the depth of knowledge about the property cycles, the time to buy and how to build property portfolios.

Even LESS people can present it in an entertaining format that makes people want to start investing that very day.


Michael is available for presenting seminars in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. 

A minimum of one months notice is required. 

Call Michael today.

All seminars are presented in English.



Michael's tried and TESTED format covers investing in Australia fundamentals, the Australian property cycles and  market updates city by city. He then builds interest, answer all questions and objections, and shows people how to build an Australian property portfolio from just one initial deposit, and receive over USD$100K per year in tax free income thereafter.

He does NOT present a specific project to your clients, nor will he will recommend any specific project.

He WILL cover in details all the benefits of investing, and also cover any specific market you may require. All research will be completely up to date and not readily available to others.

Not more than two seminars in any one city are presented in a single month, so that your invitation to hear from the LEADING real estate Author is a unique opportunity. 


Hong Kong A$3,888

Singapore A$4,888 (No airfare/hotel required)

Malaysia: KL A$4,888 (No airfare/hotel required)

Others on request.


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